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Wide leg business pants and wide leg pantsuits for women

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Who should wear wide leg pants?

Professional women working in conservative environment prefer wide leg pants since they not only are less revealing but also are in fact a more powerful and professional look. Narrow leg pants are considered a bit more casual. Wide leg pants are especially appropriate for women with thicker thighs, plus size women and plus size petite women. if you are a woman with Wide hips and narrow waist, you will find that wide leg pants will balance your shape because the wider hem line matches the wider hip.

How should wide-leg pants fit?

wide-leg pants look best when fitted through the buttock and hips. If you are looking for wide leg work pants the legs should be just wide enough to disguise the thighs and should fit right below the natural waist. The result will be a long, lean and slim look

What style of pants make the belly look flat?

To make the belly look flat look for pants that contain your belly, in other words look for high-waiSted pants and by high waiSted pants we mean just below the natural waistline or about 1 inch below the belly button. All Bluesuits pants fit just below the natural waist.

What is the best length for Wide-leg Pants?

The length for any pair of pants is a personal decision but a good rule of thumb is that the pants should be long enough so that if worn without shoes the hem should touch the floor. Granted many women like to have the hem go over the heels but when the hem is too long it can get caught in your heels when you walk or climb stairs

What is the best length for Wide-leg Pants?

Wide leg pants are very versatile and can be worn in many different ways. If you are wearing your pants to work you can wear a matching jacket and have the wide-leg pantsuit look or you can mix and match your pants with different tops. If your pants have belt loops you can wear a shirt, or sweater tucked in and a belt to finish the look. If your wide-leg pants do not have a waist band such as Bluesuits Flat Front Pants you can wear the sweater over the pants.

You can also dress up your wide leg pants by wearing an open neck top or dressy jacket and appropriate jewelry.

If you are an apple shaped petite plus, you might consider custom tailored pants for your shape. The pants for petite plus apple shapes have to be rebalanced so the front waist is wider than back waist. Though this is always the case, in the case of apple shapes the proportion is more exaggerated. Pretty much every part of the pant has to be rebalanced.

Bluesuits specializes in custom tailored clothing, pants, pantsuits, work suits, skirts and dresses for plus size women

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