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Bluesuits Petite SuitsWomen's Petite Clothing

Bluesuits Collection includes ready made as well as custom petite suits for women. Bluesuits petite jackets, pants, skirts and dresses are designed to address the needs of petite women who cannot find appropriate styles and fit in the stores.

While many companies offer petite sizing for petite women, the styles are often not sophisticated or age appropriate. Many women end up shopping in junior departments to fit their petite body. Instead Bluesuits business suits and separates offers sophisticated, high quality suiting options for petite women.

Petite women have various shapes

Contrary to general perception, petite women are not just women who are under 5'4", but rather it is their proportions that would make them petite. A woman can be 6 feet tall but have short arms or she can be under 5'4" and have long arms. She can be a size 0 or 2 and under 5'4" or she can be a plus size in any of the petite plus size apple shape, petite plus size pear shape or petite plus size hour glass shape.

No matter what your proportion or shape, Blue suits has several styles for your petite body that would fit you perfectly and flatter you.

Choose from Bluesuits ready-wear Petite jackets, Petite pants, Petite skirts or Petite dresses.

Bluesuits Collection for Petite women

Since not all petite women have short arms or short legs, Bluesuits ready wear collection is made with longer arm lengths and pant or skirt hems, however, the proportions of torso for jackets and rise for pants are going to perfectly fit you. If you require a specific inseam for pants or a specific sleeve length for jackets or length for skirts, we will adjust the lengths for you. Browse BluesuitsPetite suits

Bluesuits Custom Petite Suits for Women

In addition to our ready made petite collection of jacket, pants, skirts and dresses that would fit a petite body perfectly, Bluesuits also offers custom petite clothing and professional attire. Wether you are a size 0 or 2 petite woman or a plus size petite we offer the highest quality of suiting in any color or fabrics that you desire. We will send you swatches based on your wish list. .

Simply Fill out The Custom Order Request Form and we will contact you with all the information you will need to receive garments that will perfectly fit your petite body. Bluesuits also has the best fitting Women's suits, jackets, pants, skirts and dresses for petite women sizes 0,2. If you are looking for perfect fitting size 0 women's suits, pants, skirts or jackets Bluesuits has several options for you.

We fit each and every clinet to perfection:

"My husband found the “Bluesuits” website since I have problems with clothes fitting correctly. Since he found the website, I’ve had a wonderful experience dealing with Jamak. She always tries to sincerely accommodate her customers. Since I don’t live in the New York City area, I’ve been communicating with Jamak via email and it has been a great experience. Her clothing is first rate and of the highest quality, and I would highly recommend her company to any of my friends and acquaintances."  Carol

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