Bluesuits Pants for Women with Small Waist, Wide Hips and large Thighs - Pants for Pear Shaped Women

Are you Pear Shaped?

You are a pear shaped if your hips are 2" or more larger than your bust or if you hips are 9" larger than your natural waist.

Challenges you face when looking for the right style pant for your shape( pear shape or wide hips, slim waist.)

What are the best styles for women with slim waist, wide hips and thick thighs?

Bluesuits Collection pants were designed to address the various fit and style issues that women face when they shop in the stores, some of which have been discussed above. If you are a pear shaped women we recommend the following Bluesuits pants for you. Bluesuits also provide bespoke custom services to clients who might need custom pants. You can either make an appointment to come in for a free consultation or if you cannot visit us at our New York City location, you can fill out our custom request form and we will follow up with you with a telephone call or e-mail.

Bluesusits Pants for wide hips-small waist

On the left you see a picture of a client at Bluesuits who is a pear shaped women. The left picture shows our client trying on the boot leg pants and the picture on the right shows her in Bluesuits Fly Front pants, both from our Readywear Collection. If you are a full figured woman or a plus size woman with waist measurement larger than 38 inches, you might consider Bluesuits Custom Tailored Pants. Learn more about Bluesuits custom tailored pants