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This review was written by one of our plus size custom suit clients. We appreciate the time you take to write reviews. Not only does this help us spread the word but also helps the women in the same situation who wonder how we do custom garments for clients who don't live in our geographic area

I had just about given up on finding a great skirt suit that would be suitable for a plus-sized executive woman. And then I found Bluesuits Online in my Internet wandering. Jamak has been great--talked with me personally several times, worked with measurements from my local tailor, and designed a completely custom longer skirt for my suits. My first pant suit has been spectacular--good fit, high quality materials, nice lining, good buttons, etc. Am awaiting the final skirt, a second suit, and some extra pairs of pants as separates. I can already see that my work wardrobe is going to be transformed over time from lots of ill-fitting garments that I don't wear all that often to fewer, well-fitting, high-quality pieces from Bluesuits Online. The process of working at a distance with Jamak and a local tailor has worked well and I'd recommend that to anyone who doesn't travel to NYC regularly--but I was recently in NYC for fun and scheduled a visit with Jamak. Was great to meet her in person and see additional possibilities for future pieces.

Beth D.

Bluesuits round neck jacket and dress

I had one of the most positive shopping experiences of my life with Bluesuits online.
After searching unsuccessfully for a business suit at every store in the Seattle area I found Bluesuits. I posted a question about sizes on their website and owner Jamak Khazra responded immediately even though it was already evening on the east coast. Over the next several days Jamak was incredibly helpful and responsive to all my questions about which suits might fit me best and because I needed rush service she sent me several suits for me to try via overnight delivery (I was going to be wearing the suit to a "once in a lifetime" job interview and only had three days to get it!). All the suits were beautiful with excellent workmanship and lovely fabrics. I chose my favorite and returned the others and Bluesuits promptly issued me a credit for the ... experiences of my life with Bluesuits online. I felt super confident going into the interviews and best of all...I got the job! I will certainly shop with Bluesuits again and would highly recommend them to any woman who is looking for beautifully styled and tailored business clothes. Their quality and focus on the customer is outstanding.

Seattle, Washington

Bluesuits pima cotton jacket

"The pink/orchid color of that suiting is stunning as is all of the fabric, design and comfort of the clothing I've received from you"

Richmond, CA

Bluesuits Three Buttom Navy Business Suit Jacket and work Skirt

The Quality, Fit and Attention to Detail in Jamak's clothes are bar none. As a female investment professional in the hedge fund industry, I know how difficult it is to find impeccable women's suits that rival those of men in the industry, yet are cut and fit for a woman's body (think: jackets that hug all of your curves, not hide them). I have my fair share of high end designer suits that I've subjected to extreme alterations, trying to a achieve the type of fit that in end was not intended for those pieces. Being a perfectionist has its drawbacks, and I thought this was one of them (i.e. the never ending search for the perfectly cut suit), until I found Bluesuits. Jamak is good, really good; with one glance, she knew my suit (and bra) size and had 3 styles of suits pulled out and ready to go. My somewhat broad shoulders are a suit-fitting handicap, so you can imagine my surprise when the 3 button conservative jacket fit perfectly from top to bottom, as if the suit was molded from my body. Another bonus - the custom wool suiting fabric used in the pieces is incredible: it's light, strong, wrinkle-free, has stretch (a must for me), and has a characteristic polished matte sheen to it. I think that the Bluesuits Ready-To-Wear Jackets section on the website gives a pretty good high level snapshot of the types of looks available. Tip: don't shy away from their conservative cut jackets, they'll actually show you how suits were meant to fit.


Los Angeles, California

women business suit

I highly recommend Bluesuits, LLC for any professional woman looking for stylish and classically tailored suits. I contacted the company prior to an important set of interviews and asked for a custom-made suit – to be ready in a short amount of time. The company’s owner (Jamak Khazra) was wonderful to work with, as she knows what styles look best on different body types. She made sure that I had the perfect suit just in time for my interviews. I also highly recommend visiting the company in NYC for your final fitting (if possible). It is not necessary (you will get a wonderful suit regardless), but I decided to go for my last fitting and was treated like a princess. I loved the experience and absolutely enjoyed getting to know Jamak. Thanks for everything Jamak!


Bluesuits Shift dress

As a television anchor my clothes always have to look crisp, fitted and professional. I have spent years experimenting with and wasting money on clothes that just don't work on camera. They say the camera adds ten pounds, but really it's the ill-fitting suit that adds ten pounds! So when I discovered Jamak Khazra's "BLUE SUITS" line of beautiful suits and pieces I was thrilled. I can either pick things off the rack that fit me like a glove, OR I can have something custom made out of Jamak's luxurious collection of fabrics. The tropical wool is my favorite: it's great in any season and doesn't even wrinkle.
Thanks to Bluesuits, I am no longer standing in my closet wondering what to wear and I am building a classic, timeless wardrobe that will keep me looking my best for years.


Elizabeth Kaledin

Women suits

For several years, I searched for tailored business suits in fine fabrics, particular tropical weight wools. I had decided trendy styles and business casual no longer worked and were just too much trouble. I was unable to find a designer that really fit me and was tired of pieces that did not work with anything else in my closet. I travel a lot and need suits that look good in business and evening settings and that traveled well. I wanted basic colors that I could accessorize with tops and jewelry and for which I only needed to pack black shoes or boots. And I wanted styles that would work for a few years. I kept seeing a link to Bluesuits and, finally on one of my trips to NYC, I made an appointment. I found everything I wanted and more. Not only were the suit styles and fabric choices EXACTLY what I had been searching for, the fit of the suits was incredible. The style is a bit more fitted than I was used to and I love it. The clothes just fit and that makes all the difference. I feel good when I wear the suits. The styles and fabric are all business with a flair and the selection is amazing. The fabrics are wonderful. And the best part is working with Jamak. While I knew what I didn’t like and thought I wanted, her advice and expertise gave me confidence to try some new styles and to mix and match some pieces which provided even more options when traveling. She takes a great deal of pride in her work and her advice is very honest. I have made three visits to Jamak and each time with her guidance I find exactly what I need. I don’t bother looking for suits anywhere else. Did I mention she has great non-suit pieces that are quite dressy and just as great as the business suits?

Columbus, Ohio

Bluesuits Pinstripe Pantsuit

Extra long arms, extra long legs, not sample size any longer. What’s a former model to do?!
After having enough of hearing my sorrows, my husband found Bluesuits online. Thank goodness!! Not only do I look wonderful in my beautiful suit (both full skirt and, can you believe it, wonderfully long pants. No alteration necessary!), I now have met a talented designer with a great personality.

Thanx Jamak!!

K. A. Miille
Mad Miille Productions, LLC

Bluesuits Gored Skirt

What a delight to finally find a source of long, feminine, yet classy skirts of uncompromising quality. I prefer my wardrobe to be feminine and modest, yet classy. For me, that means skirts at least 34 inches long. Unfortunately, that usually means settling for lower quality fabrics and indistinct lines. Not so at Bluesuits . . . Jamak's skirts are well-tailored, sleek yet feminine and modest, with well-chosen fabrics for refinement, durability, and graceful drape. I can easily dress them up for evening with a feminine top and shawl, add a tailored blouse and a crisply fitted jacket or sweater for business, or a lightly ruffled blouse and ethnic vest for casual. The full-cut linings ensure that I have full range of motion and comfort. The full bias-cut gored styling imparts feminine flow and grace, and the generous length allows me to be active and attractive . . . without being immodest. With the appropriate accessories, they are equally at home in the office and for a stroll in the park.

I have only one complaint . . . I can't wait for more colors to be available, so that I can expand my collection!

Thank you, Jamak


Wonder Lake, Illinois


I recently visited Jamak after doing a web search on places to get suits in NYC. I typically have a hard time finding business attire that is long enough for my frame in department stores. Jamak was a pleasure to work with and am excited to wear my new suits. She has a great eye for what works for your body. I would definitely work with Jamak and buy from Bluesuits again in the future

Lisa T,


Bluesuits Business Jacket and business pants

Beautiful, Feels Great, Professional

After an entire day of looking at various boutiques and department stores looking for suits, I finally came to Bluesuits' and Jamak, the founder and designer. Bluesuits fits the needs of today's professional women with a garment that fits, wears beautifully all day long no matter how many hours you may be on the job, and feels great. Jamak herself is skillful at finding the clothes in her line that work for you. You may think you are hard to fit (I thought so too), but at Bluesuits there is something that you will love. I regularly get complimented on my Bluesuits clothing and often get asked where I got my pants (jacket, skirt, dress...etc.). Jamak's pieces convey power and sexy at the same time (the same suit both gets compliments from co-workers, and from my finance!) I've never found another suit that fits so well and looks so good.


New York City, NY

Bluesuits sheath dress

Great quality, fantastic fit, timeless

I attend many business meetings, so I need clothing that is simple and yet elegant. I was introduced to Bluesuits through a good friend of mine. After wearing my first Bluesuits dress I realized how much I loved the design and quality of it. I also received many compliments anytime I wore it. Jamak, the designer and founder of the Bluesuits is very knowledgeable about fabric quality and helped me find the perfect fit garment. She is an experienced designer and knows how to help her customers find what they need. I now own many of Bluesuits products and love wearing every single one of them


Los Angeles, CA

Bluesuits Boudle Faced Wool jacket and pencil skirt

Perfect fit -- amazing experience!

As an hourglass body-type that isn't a size 2, I have traditionally hated shopping for suits -- if they fit my hips or bust, I'm swimming in fabric around my waist. It means I never know how anything will really look until I get it tailored. Then I often feel less than sexy once I do. My experience at Bluesuits was completely the opposite -- I found more items than I could possibly purchase that fit my body the instant I tried them on, and I had fun and felt gorgeous doing it. Unbelievable! I even slightly hesitate to share it with you all, since I want Bluesuits all to myself! Enjoy!‎


New York, NY

Bluesuits Round neck executive Business Suit

Quality fit for a CEO!

I'm CEO of an emerging growth tech company and do frequent presentations, so I need something that looks elegant and commanding, but that I can move easily in. Add to that, I'm a petite and the selection you find in most stores is dismal. Finding Bluesuits has changed my shopping life. Jamak understands how clothing needs to fit and move, and the details on her designs set them apart from the ordinary. Jackets work with pants and then go over the amazing sheath dresses - it's like getting two outfits for the price of one. The fabric is so wearable for travel, such as it is these days. I am no longer concerned with finding things to wear thanks to Jamak!

Dr. Janice Presser

CEO, The Gabriel Institute

Bluesuits Pinstripe Tropical wool jacket

I used to have a love-hate relationship with clothes. Whenever I thought I'd found the perfect dress/suit/skirt/pant, once home I discovered all too quickly, it was far from perfect. The fit was off; the color didn't match anything I own; I didn't have the right shoes or accessories, and that lovely garment I thought would be a staple in my closet pretty much stayed there. Something happened between the dressing room and my house that caused my proud purchase to be a bust. The problem had a lot to do with the shopping experience. My eagerness to bring something home from the department store or boutique often rendered me color blind and tone deaf to reality.

And that's why I love visiting Jamak. She is that discerning set of eyes and dose of reality that I sorely lack on my own. Her clothes are not only beautiful and well made, she makes sure they look good on me. And if that means pinning up a hem or adding a button, she will do it on the spot. If the bust doesn't look right, she gives you a better bra. If that doesn't work, she pulls out a different size or even offers to re-design to your specifications. And when I leave I always feel that I have a complete "put-together" look. It's that personal touch that makes all the difference in the world. And her prices are very reasonable. The clothes may look like a million dollars but you won't pay anything close to the exorbitant price-tags you find on designer couture.

Whenever I visit Jamak, I return home very happy and my "Bluesuit" purchases are always my favorites. It makes a huge difference to have someone with Jamak's expertise provide the help that you could never get from a store clerk. The satisfaction and pleasure that I get from a shopping experience with Jamak is honestly priceless.

Thanks Jamak!

Roma Torre,

Bluesuits Women Business suit

Hi Jamak,
I want to thank you for spending some time with me yesterday afternoon to update my wardrobe. As you know, I HATE to shop and avoid department stores and popular boutiques like the plague, but I LOVE to stop by your showroom and studio, where I know you will help me select exactly what I need, and what looks most becoming. I love how you take classic looks and add special details to make them feel contemporary without being too trendy. I especially like the new tweed jacket – the design, quality and workmanship are impeccable and it will work beautifully with the wonderful Grey dress as well as the trousers. It is my new “board room” jacket. Seeing you yesterday really was a great respite from the rain and the usual shopping madness at this time of year — I so appreciate your consistent help for 20 years and look forward to seeing you soon.


New York, NY

Bluesuits Coat Dress

During my month-long stay in Manhattan during October of this year, I visited Jamak Khazra after locating Bluesuits LLC via a Google search. I know what works for me: classic European style, something I could count on and readily find during my trips to European cities, whether Rome, Paris, London, Belgrade, or my native Novi Sad in Serbia. Any suit I purchase in Europe seemed to be designed just for me. Getting that fit, even at the high end department stores in the U.S., was never guaranteed to me. I wondered if I could find in New York what I readily find in Europe. Curious about the Bluesuits collection, as well as the woman behind what seemed to me to be an innovative business plan targeting me as a customer, I scheduled an appointment. Jamak spent more than 90 minutes with me. She has a gift for empowering women (and seems to care to do just that…[and so, as I shared with Jamak, reminded me of Susan Van Vleet, another successful business woman who uses her (executive training) talents to empower professional women]), even women who don’t need help in that area, women who are busy, and definitely quality and value-oriented. I saw excellent pieces in the collection. And, for starters, I picked a classic camel coat-dress right of the rack, one I could wear year-round…at my Dallas office and wherever I go. Thanks Jamak!

Vesna N. Rafaty

Dallas, Texas

Bluesuits Womens Suit

Thank you for everything you do! I am so pleased with my new black and Grey suits and am ever so thankful for the ease with which you were able to find what I was looking for and make it fit beautifully. I have little time to shop, and when I do, I get very frustrated by the offerings in the better department stores. Having gone the custom suit route once before, it was a relief to find someone who specializes in women’s clothing and has the experience to make recommendations that work. You also were able to produce the suits quickly and kept me informed every step of the way. I look forward to working with you in the future!


New York, NY

Bluesuits Interview Suit

Great service, fantastic fit!

After years of wearing J Crew suits, my longtime go-to brand for quality and fit, I was in the market for a more executive-quality suit. J Crew and Banana Republic are fine when you're starting out, but I was about to go into business for myself and needed something that would impress clients as well as doing double-duty at conferences and events. A friend recommended Bluesuits, and I am so glad I made an appointment. Jamak was extremely knowledgeable about fit and fabric quality, and she really took the time to explain the construction of the garments. The fit was incredible, and I walked out with two suits, a stunning dress and jacket set that will be perfect for meetings and events. For what you get - couture details and fabric that's extremely comfortable to wear - the prices are pretty amazing. You can spend a lot more on far lower quality suits elsewhere, and these have wonderful classic details that are stylish without being trendy. No more midrange suits for me, I'll be a Bluesuits devotee for years to come after this experience!

Bluesuits Business suit for women-Tab-Jacket and shift dress

I will never buy a suit from anywhere else.

I have always found it hard to find clothes that fit my size. When I realized I needed a great suit for interviews and other business school events, I looked everywhere, from malls to online search engines. Not only did I get little help from stores I visited, the quality and cut of the suits I saw were completely terrible. Then luckily, my husband stumbled upon Bluesuits' website. From there on, I decided to order two suits and to try and find the right fit (since you never know when shopping online), but I was so surprised when Jamak, Bluesuits' founder, gave me a call and personally helped me find a suit that fit. Her flexibility and instruction made the process less stressful and actually fun! Though the investment I made was significant on a student's budget, I swear it was worth every penny. It's nice to know that you're the best dressed woman in the building.


The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Bluesuits women's suit

The best place to buy women's suits!!!

I am a business woman and am always in the need of crisp, good fitting, elegant suits. After visiting most designers and brands in the UAE and US, I have found out that no body understands suits as well as Jamak does. Extremely caring, warm and attentive to detail, she has mastered the art of making fine suits for women. From the fabric to the fit and large variety and styles, I couldn't have asked for more. Very happy!



Bluesuits Cap Sleeve Business Dress

"It was "crunch time" and I needed a well made, classically tailored business suit for an important job interview. Without hesitation the company's owner and her amazing staff figured out a way to not only custom make my (brilliant) suit jacket and skirt in record time, but made sure I felt cared for and treated like an extended member of their family! "

-Andrea H, Colorado Springs, CO

Bluesuits Tweed Executive womens suit

I visited Jamak’s bluesuits in New York City. I love her suits, clothes. Having worked in the financial world for the last 20 plus years, I always look for clothes that fit well, are professional for work and yet comfortable and feminine. I found all of that in Jamak’s designs. She is also terrific at looking at you and helping you figure out what looks good on you and honest enough to tell you what does not. The quality is terrific and they wear well. I also travel quite often for work and find them easy to pack and wear. I am extremely happy that a friend recommended her company to me and will happily pass the recommendation to all my friends.


New York, NY

Bluesuits Fly Front Pants

My husband found the “Bluesuits” website since I have problems with clothes fitting correctly. Since he found the website, I’ve had a wonderful experience dealing with Jamak. She always tries to sincerely accommodate her customers. Since I don’t live in the New York City area, I’ve been communicating with Jamak via email and it has been a great experience. Her clothing is first rate and of the highest quality, and I would highly recommend her company to any of my friends and acquaintances.


Beverly Hills, CA

Bluesuits Flat Front Tropical Wool Pants

"My daughter needed lined pants for work; I found exactly what I was looking for and more. The service was so exceptional, when I told my friends about it they were literally speechless. Ms Khazra’s directions on size and style were priceless. Her efficiency in delivery and follow through was beyond the call of duty. Then the pants arrived. PERFECT! My daughter loves the comfort of the higher waist line. I bought myself a pair. They are as comfortable as pajamas with a rich business look. Every time I wear them someone ask if I lost weight."

-  Stephani

Folsom LA

Blueusits Classic 3-button Tropical Wool suit
Bluesuits Classic Three Button Business Suit

I wore my suit from you today to argue an appeal in the United States Court of Appeals.  It looked great!   Just FYI.


Beverly P

Fort Lauderdale, FL

Bluesuits tropical Wool Sleeveless Shift Dress
Bluesuits 3/4 Sleeve Shift Dress

Hi Jamak,

I have been meaning to send you a quick note to let you know how everything is. So far I have worn the dresses (they look great).  Also the (2) piece charcoal skirt suit (looks great). 
Again, thank you for your help with everything.  You have made it much easier to get dressed in the morning! 

The quality of your clothing is terrific!  I’ll never go to the department stores again for a suit.

Talk to you soon. 

Lisa C.

New Jersey, NY

Bluesuits Charcoal Round neck jacket and wide leg pants
Bluesuits Charcoal Short Jacket and Shift Dress

I absolutely love your line. I look great in everything and although, I'd like to take complete credit for it, the truth is that you got all the lines right!

Robin W.

Chicago, Illinois

Bluesuits 5-button Jacket
Bluesuits Tropical Wool 5-button Jacket

Dear Jamak,

Thank you for all your help at the trunk show. Your jackets, pants and skirts seem to have been custom made for me. I love the fabrication and the fit and look forward to your next visit.

Rita, Calabasas

Bluesuits Faux Persina Lamb Coat
Bluesuits Faux Fur Coat

Hello Jamak,

I love my Bluesuits Faux Fur Coat and so does my husband. I wear it to every party I go and love it so much I have even been wearing it with my jeans. I know I will be wearing it year after year.

New York, NY

Bluesuits Navy Three button Tropical wool jacekt



What a pleasure it has been to work with you.  Nowhere can you find this type of one-to-one service.
Your suits are classic and timeless, and every time I wear one of your suits I feel as if the suit was made specifically for me.  The quality and style speaks for itself and I’m glad that I found Bluesuits!! 


Ori, FL

customer card

customer note

Bluesuits pinstripe suit
Bluesuits Pinstripe Suit

Wow! You have no idea how many compliments I received about the bluesuits pinstripe suit I am wearing today. As I’ve mentioned the tapered waist style is VERY different than my usual. Really lovely suit.

Forever addicted!

New York, NY

Bluesuits Matt Jersey Fold Over Waist Skirt

Bluesuits Matt Jersey Foldover Waist Skirt


Thank you so much for your time on Friday morning.  Judy and I enjoyed ourselves immensely.
In the afternoon we went to Macy's, of course a must do for NYC.  We were both so disappointed we turned around and left!!!
You have ruined shopping for us  :)

I am thrilled with the things I purchased and wore the black skirt to work today.
Everyone complimented me on how good I looked and that I even looked more confident than usual.  Ooooooh.

Judy says she never wants to go to the mall again.  I am sure we will be back up to see you in the future.
Severna Park MD

Bluesuits LInen Combo Dress
Bluesuits Linen Viscose Combo Dress

I love the simple elegant style of your clothing. your fabrics look beautiful. we could certainly use a look like that around here.

Gulfport ,Ms

Bluesuits Tropical Wool Long Skirt
Bluesuits Long Skirt


I got everything today and thank you so much.  The gift you enclosed was so thoughtful and something I can use, especially when I travel.

I can't wait to wear the skirt!


Ritratti Star Cup Bra
Ritratti Star-Cup Convertible Bra

I have been meaning to email to thank you for sending the lovely things - thank you so much for all of your help -  you were right with everything - the bra fits great, the thongs are delightful. 

The Matt Jersey top, pants, and skirt are amazing - I know that I will be wearing them often !

Hope you are having a wonderful day,

Mary Jo
Bluesuits Tropical Wool navy Suit
Bluesuits Tropical Wool navy Suit

Good morning to you:

I'm now back home in Calgary and wearing my new Bluesuits clothes (and bras) and getting a number of compliments on them. Thank you once again for your assistance and for sharing your wealth of knowledge.

Look forward to other suggestions you may have in the future - hopefully you are getting some rest now.

Kind regards


Bluesuits Silk/Cotton Long Skirt
Bluesuits Silk/Cotton Long Skirt

I tried on the skirt again so my daughter could see and she says it fits perfectly. She says, today, skirts are not worn at the waist but are a worn a little below because it camouflages the tummy. I do like the length. So I'm going to keep it.

When she saw the skirt, even before I tried it on she said, "That's a BEAUTIFUL skirt." I think she'd like me to get her one for her birthday, in October, we'll see. Thanks again, it is a BEAUTIFUL skirt.

Le Mystere Tisha Bra dn Low Rider Thong
Le Mystere Tisha Bra and Low Rider Thong


I received the bras yesterday.....they are wonderful bras!!!  ...the fit is perfect, I think they are one of the best bras I ever had

thanks again

Bluesuits Sunburst Pleated Skirt
Bluesuits Sunburst Pleated Skirt


Just wanted to write to tell you how pleased I was with the purchase of my sunburst pleated skirt. It was a pleasure doing business with you. I tried in on when I got home with some silky thigh - hi's and the pleats felt so good. Once again thank you for everything. I will shop here again.

, NY

Lise Charmel Bagatelle bra
Lise Carmel Bagatelle Bra and Thong

Hi Bluesuitsonline,
My order arrived Friday, thanks for the extremely good service.
The articles look fine, I'm sure my wife will like them in her xmas stocking.  Thanks and have a good xmas holiday,

Rgds   Cliff
Weybridge ,GB

Bluesuits tabjacket and Slim Dress
Bluesuits Tropical Wool tab Jacket and Slim Dress

The suit has arrived. It fits well. I look forward to receiving the pants when you have them in stock.
Thank you for your assistance.


Lise Charmel Bagatelle Collection
Lise Charmel Bagatelle Bra and Thong

Dear Jamak ,

I got your delivery yesterday. It looks very nice and it fits exactly.
I'm very pleased.
Thank you very much and have a nice weekend.

With greetings from Germany

Blueuits Tropical Wool Long Skirt
Bluesuits Tropical Wool Long Skirt with Contrast Lining

Just a quick note to say how much I'm enjoying the things I got from you.  The bras are great, and I'm enjoying the black top.  I hope you'll be able to get the black skirt and look forward to hearing from you about that.  Please feel free to add me to your e-mail list.


Bluesuits Coat Dress
Bluesuits Coat Dress

Again thank you for your note. As I am small in my bust and have never before worn these garments, I appreciate your suggestion.

I would like to take this opportunity to compliment you on your excellent customer service. I look forward to receiving the merchandise

Warm Regards,


Le Mystere Carina Bra
Le Mystere Craina Bra

Thanks for the order!  I LOVE the le mystere - want to order one in white –
thanks!  Jennifer

Le Mystere Dream Tisha Bra
Le Mystere Dream Tisha Bra

Thank you for supporting those of us with APO addresses.  Not all business will go the extra step to ship to us and I like to send a thank you note to those that do.



Bluesuits Camel Tropical Wool suit
Bluesuits Lightweight Microfiber Suit

Dear Jamak,

Thank you so much for my suit- It arrived yesterday and it fits perfectly. I appreciate your expertise.
Thank you for your assistance and patience.


525 america cotton one button cardigan

Hi there,

I just received my 525 one button cardigan and love it. Thank you for your help. I have been wearing it with everything. You have excellent customer service.

Thanks again,

Fort Lee, NJ

525 America Tops
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