Bluesuits Boot Leg Pants

One of Bluesuits most popular styles is the boot leg pant. We recommend this pants for various body shapes. Generally women with slim legs love this pants because it is fitted through the thighs yet still has enough room that the pants look totally professional and are office appropriate. This pant can also be custom made to accommodate different fabrication, length and color. To order these pants customized to your needs please contact us

-Flat Front , side Zip.
-Buttock flattering pocket in the back.
- Rise about 9".
- In seam about 35".
-Fits one inch below the belly button.
-Fully lined, perfect work or business pants or wear them as business casual pants. Perfect for travel.
-Made in New York City.
-Tropical wool stretch.

Here are some answers to frequently asked questions about Boot Leg Pants

What are Boot-leg Pants?

Boot leg pants are wide on the bottom and narrow around the thighs and knees. They are most flattering on women who have slim legs and slim hips.

How should Boot-leg pants fit?

If you have slim hips and slim thighs you would really love the fit of Boot-leg Pants. Boot Leg pants should not be too sung on the thighs or even around the knee specially if you are looking for pants to wear to work. Bluesuits boot-leg pants have enough room around the thighs and knees and are very flattering.

Do Boot leg Pants make a woman look Taller?

Boot leg pants do make you look taller. They also can balance a smaller torso and wider hip.

What is the best length for Boot- leg Pants?

The length for any pair of pants is a personal decision but a good rule of thumb is that the pants should be long enough so that if worn without shoes the hem should touch the floor. Granted many women like to have the hem go over the heels but when the hem is too long it can get caught in your heels when you walk or climb stairs.

Bluesuits Collection pants are designed to address the various fit and style issues that women face when they shop in the stores, some of which has been discussed above.