Bluesuits Bespoke Custom Suits

A selection of Bluesuits custom garments

Martine Rothblatt

Dr. Martine Rothblatt

Bluesuits custom pantsuit in our Navy Pinstripe Tropcial Wool Stretch for Dr. Martine Rothblatt CEO of United Therapeutics and founder of Sirius Satellite Radio.

custom wedding pantsuit

Bluesuits Bespoke Wedding Pantsuit

Bluesuits bespoke custom wedding pant suit in Ivory Silk/wool.

bluesuits custom plus size business suit

Bluesuits Custom Plus Size Business Suit

Bluesuits Bespoke custom plus size business suit in our Tropical Wool Stretch.

bluesuits custom kelly jacket

Bluesuits Custom Kelly Jacket

Bluesuits Kelly Jacket one of the most populat stlyes custom made in light Grey.

bluesuits custom evening gown

Bluesuits Custom evening Gown

Bluesuits Custom tailored Gown for Darlene Krenz . The Gown features a built in Bustier and girdle for complete foundation support. Over 300 pieces of silk varieties are sewn with obsessive care over the gown. There are 5 types of silk used including Silk taffeta, Silk Charmeuse, Silk Faille, organza and Silk chiffon that create the rich texture and sophisticated look. Elegance is as much a sensual distinction as is visual.

bluesuits custom short business jacket

Bluesuits short jacket

Bluesuits Kelly Jacket in Charcoal Tropical Wool stretch .