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Bluesuits Women's Wool Pants- Business Pants

Fully lined
European Tropical Wool Stretch
Wide leg, Straight leg, boot leg
Flat front or fly front
Pants for every shape
Expand your wardrobe by coordinating Bluesuits tropical wool pants with your favorite top

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Bluesuits Fly Front Pants
Bluesuits Tropical Wool Stretch Fly Front Pants
Bluesuits Fly-Front Navy PInstripe pants
Bluesuits Navy PInstripe Tropical Wool Pants
Bluesuits Tropical Wool Stretch Flat Front pants
Bluesuits Tropical Wool Stretch Flat Front Pants
Bluesuits Side zip boot Leg Pants
Bluesuits Tropical Wool stretch Side Zip Bootleg Pants
Bluesuits Charcoal/Pink tropical Wool Strecth Fly Front Business Pants
Bluesuits Charcoal/Pink Pinstripe Tropical Wool Stretch Fly-Front Pants
Bluesuits Flat Front Tropical Wool Work Pants
Bluesuits Wide leg pants
Bluesuits Pinstripe Business Pants
Bluesuits Pinstripe Tropical Wool Stretch Zip- Front Pants
Bluesuits Pinstripe Tropical wool Business Pants
Bluesuits Pinstripe Tropical Wool Stretch Fly-Front Pants
Bluesuits Zip front Pants
Bluesuits Tropical Wool Stretch Zip-Front Straight leg Pants
Bluesuits Fly Front Pants
Bluesuits Tropical Wool Stretch Fly Front Pants
Bluesuits Velvet Pant and Natalie Jacket
Bluesuits Cotton Velvet Pants
Bluesuits Straight Leg Pants
Bluesuits Straight Leg Pants

Bluesuits Women's Business Pants

Based on the various shapes of our customers and over 20 years of dressing women of all ages one at a time, designer Jamak Khazra has perfected the fit and fabrication of Bluesuits pant collection. You can find work pants or business pants, stretch pants, tropical wool stretch pants, velvet pants, cotton pants, pinstripe pants or pinstripe pantsuits, solid navy pants, black pants, charcoal gray pants in a variety of styles to fit every body shape. Shop for best fitting Flat-Front Pants, Side Zip pants, Wide leg Pants, Boot leg pants or straight leg pants.. Whether you are looking for pants for petite women, pants for tall women or hour-glass shaped women, you can shop for them at Bluesuits. Bluesuits now offers custom tailored pants made in NYC for women sizes 0-22.

Tall Women Pants

Are you a tall woman? Do you have trouble finding pants that are long enough for your long legs?Bluesuits pants for tall women can be custom made to fit your exact measurements or choose unhemmed when you are choosing your size on the product detail page.

Wide-leg pants

Bluesuits Wide-leg Pants are fabulous for women who have athletic legs and need a wider leg, or women who have an hour-glass shape since the wide-leg pants balances the wide hips by not accentuating the hips. Bluesuits wide-leg pants have a very clean hip slimming waistline, are fitted through the buttock and hips and the legs are just wide enough to disguise the thighs and fit just below the natural waist. The result is a long, lean and slim look. Bluesuits fly-front wide leg-straight leg pants P3371 and Bluesuits Zip-Front Flat-front Wide-Leg Straight Leg Pants P3370 fit every shape. These pants are also very versatile and can be worn with a sweater, shirt, jacket, in corporate offices, in the evening with appropriate jewelry and heels or casually around town. They are also the pants to wear on bus in ness travels.

High waist pants

We know we know, you have been looking in the market for pants that are professional looking and can be worn to work, you don't want your underwear to show when you bend and you are tired of looking like you are wearing your younger sister's or worst yet your daughters pants. At the same time you don't want to look outdated. This is the reason why bluesuits pants all fit just below the belly button so while the waist on all Bluesuits pants are high, they are modern and stylish and perfect for professional women of all ages as well as any woman who is looking for the best fitting high waist pants. Our pants give you enough room for your hips so even if you have an hourglass shape all Bluesuits pants will fit you. All Bluesuits pants fit about 1 inch below the belly button.

Flat Front Pants

If cut well flat front pants actually flatten your belly. In the 80's women used to wear the very high waist (almost under the chest) pleated pants and while those pants were fitted around the waist ( or torso really) the hips were wide and the pleats were thought to hide the belly, While this was somewhat true, there is nothing like a well cut flat front pant to make your belly look flat. At Bluesuits all of our pants are flat-front but are cut such as to give you room for your hips and yes belly. We spend lots of time and effort to perfect the fit of our garments.

Side-Zip Pants

Bluesuits Flat Front Side Zip boot leg Pants are made in stretch fabrics, our customers love these pants for work or to wear with a suit jacket. Style P3374, these pants are available in tropical wool stretch, cotton stretch or poly stretch. These side zip pants are also slimming and flattering. The waist sits just below the belly button about one-inch below and is perfect for women who don't mind showing their figure. On the other hand we have found that these pants are also flattering on full figure or hourglass shaped women because the boot leg style lye or the wide hem balances the hip much like the wide-leg pant style.

Tropical Wool Pants

By far the best fabric any professional woman can ask for in business pants is tropical wool stretch. Bluesuits tropical wool stretch pants are made with European Tropical wools and are the perfect work pants as they are very comfortable and they do not wrinkle so Bluesuits pants for women are also great for travel. All Bluesuits pants are fully lined. Bluesuits signature lining for pants is our best kept secret. We use a special lining for our pants that provides utmost comfort and is not bulky. Our pants are also quite long and even women who are 5.9" or 6" can wear them. You can also customize the pants by choosing your fabric of choice, length and fit. just make an appointment to try our various pants.

100% Wool Pants

One of our most popular pants specially for the cold weather is our 100% wool pants. They are available in many fabrications including wool tweeds and double faced wools as well as tropical wools.

Tweed Pants

Bluesuits Hounds tooth tweed pants are sophisticated, tailored, perfect for work or business casual occasions. our customers who have liked these pants range from women in their 20's to women in their seventies. The hounds tooth black and white is a classic design that is always in fashion. You can wear it in a classy manner or more traditional with a red or black jacket or sweater or twin set or be more funky and make it your own style. Either way you cannot go wrong.

Stretch pants

Bluesuits pants are all made in fabrics that stretch, such as tropical wool stretch or cotton stretch or poly/viscose stretch. Probably one of the reasons why our customers are addicted to our pants. Not only do Bluesuits pants fit well and flatter the body but also they are the most comfortable tailored pants you can find anywhere.

Matt Jersey Pants

Bluesuits Matt Jersey pants are made of the highest quality of matt jersey, are extremely comfortable and flattering on the body. Our customers buy them by the dozen..

Fly-Front Pants with belt loops

Bluesuits Fly Front wide leg pants are cut to fit every body shape and can be worn with matching jacket as a pantsuit or business casual with a shirt and cardigan or twin set or a sweater.

  • Straight leg pants

    We have several straight leg pants to please every taste and to fit every shape. Pant style, P3370 is a flat front- Zip Front- straight leg Pant . Pant style P3371 is a straight leg, wide-leg and fly front pant. Bluesuits matt jersey pants are also straight leg and Bluesuits cotton pants P3372 are straight leg. Straight leg pants are great as business pants or work pants or even casual pants. You will find straight leg pants in tropical wools, cottons and micro fiber or poly/viscose as well as 100% wool at Bluesuits.
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    Our customers say:
    "My daughter needed lined pants for work; I found exactly what I was looking for and more. The service was so exceptional, when I told my friends about it they were literally speechless. Ms Khazra’s directions on size and style were priceless. Her efficiency in delivery and follow through was beyond the call of duty. Then the pants arrived. PERFECT! My daughter loves the comfort of the higher waist line. I bought myself a pair. They are as comfortable as pajamas with a rich business look. Every time I wear them someone ask if I lost weight."
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