Jackets for Tall Women. Tall Women Business Suits

Bluesuits Tall Women suits in classic styles and high quality fabrics such as Tropical wools, 100% wools and Crepes are perfect for the office and for travelling business women. Choose amony many styles such as short jackets for tall women or Bluesuits long jacket styles. From solid black, Navy or Charcoal grey jackets, skirt suits or pants suits for tall women. Bluesuits pinstripe business suits for tall women include Navy pinstripe jackets, black and cream pinstripe or Charcoal/Pink Pinstripe.

How Custom Orders Work

  • Free consultation via telephone or e-mail to discuss your wish list or you will make an appointment to visit us.
  • Select styles that best suit your shape and wardrobe needs.
  • Either visit us to get measured or we will send you our measuring guide that you will have a local tailor measure you.
  • We will then draft a custom pattern based on your unique measurements and make a prototype of every garment you have custom ordered.
  • You will either come in for a fitting or we will send you the prototype and you will get fitted by a local tailor
  • We will make any necessary changes to your pattern and make the final garment.
  • It will take about two weeks to make your final garments after we have your fitted prototype and the entire process can take 4-6 weeks.
  • The best part is that once we have your custom pattern developed, we will keep it for you and you can order more suits at substantially lower cost.
  • Ready to upgrade your wradrobe? make an appointment to visit our New york City Showroom or Simply fill out Bluesuits Custom Order Request Form. We will get in touch with you within 24 hours to discuss your specific needs. To learn more visit our Bespoke Custom PageBluesuits Custom Made