Lise Charmel Panties Collection -Boxer Shorts

Lise Charmel Boxer Shorts are full lace panties and made of Giupure lace or embroidered lace. Shop for Lise Charmel and Lise Charmel Eprise Collection panties including String thongs, classic thongs, bikinis, Brazilian bikinis, Italian bikinis, boxer shorts, Boy shorts and garter belts. The collections feature Guipure Lace, Chantilly Lace, Applique trims and include rare to find as well as vintage Lise Charmel Collections such as Bagatelle Guipure Lace, Ile Paradis, Rose Des Vent, Paris Diva, Belle De Nuit, Star Beaute, Lise Charmel Cristal Diamant, Taj Mahal, Feminissime, Obession Fashion, Magic Jungle, Look Exotica, Sublime Intime, Eprise Magical Night, Love Story, Baiser, Pretty flirty and other collections..