Bluesuits Dress Collection

Bluesuits customers are women with exquisite taste who demand the highest quality in design, fit, fabrication and manufacturing. We design every garment to meet our customer expectation. We choose the highest quality fabrics imported from Europe and pay attention to details that would make our women not only look their best but also feel fabulous in our clothes.
Bluesuits Sun dress is no exception. This dress is available in sizes 0-16 and we have made it so it would fit you perfectly regardless of your body shape

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The neck line is designed so that you can wear it buttoned up and end up with a square neck or leave a few top buttons open and have a v-neck if that is what you prefer. Instead of commercially produced buttons, we have custom made covered buttons and loops for our sun dresses. The gathered skirt is flattering on women of all ages and customers who have purchased this dress range from women in their 20’s to women in their 80’s who throw a light weight shawl on their shoulders

lining  detail

We pay attention to how you care for your garment and have lined our dress in 100% cotton for easy care and comfort. We also pay as much attention to the inside of the dress as to the outside. The lining is finished beautifully with a gathered hem that makes our customers feel precious and we also wanted the dress to stay slightly poofed on the bottom.