Long Wool Skirts, Long Pencil Skirts, Long Wrap Skirts

Bluesuits long wool skirts include:
Long Wool Gored Skirts- Perfect for every shape but especially for women with side hips and small waist. Our Wool Skirts are made of the highest quality luxurious European Tropical Wools specially made for Bluesuits.
Long Wool Pencil and slim skirts: Bluesuits long pencil skirts are made in wool crepes, Tropical wool and worsted wool.

Bluesuits Long Gored Linen Skirts

Bluesuits long gored linen skirts are perfect for the summer and for warmer climates. We use Italian Linen/Viscose which is the best quality linen that doesn't wrinkle and has a beautiful drape. Our long linen skirts are fully lined. We also use handkerchief linen that can be hand washed and is unlined perfect for hot and humid weather.