Meet The Founder and Designer: Jamak Khazra

Jamak Khazra the founder of Bluesuits,LLC and designer of Bluesuits Collection sold her first creations to stores when she was only 15 years old. She grew up in Tehran, Iran among her mom’s seven sisters who spent their free time designing and making what would be considered Haute Couture garments today. In her many travels to Europe throughout her college years she loved frequenting fabric stores and mills. She came back with suitcases full of exquisite fabrics which she then turned into everything from bed linens to evening gowns for herself and her friends.

Jamak is trained as a classical pianist and holds a masters degree in piano performance from Univeristy of Illinois and an MBA in finance from Columbia Business School. While at Columbia Business School Ms. Khazra was a finalist in the Columbia Business School Greenhouse Lang Fund . She chose to work on Wall Street and forfeited her candidacy as a finalist when she accepted a position with UBS Warburg. She worked in equity research on Wall Street while keeping Bluesuits operational. It was her client's that made Ms. Khazra leave Wall Street and pursue her passion in helping women dress.

Jamak has dressed thousands of women who bought their entire wardrobe from her. Her clients include CEOs of public companies, High net worth and ultra high-net-Worth women CEOs, seasoned executives, bankers, lawyers, consultants, TV Anchors as well as young professionals. Jamak has also dressed hundreds of business, law and medical school students who are embarking on a new course in their lives and who need that perfect interview suit, internship suit or work attire. She was also hunted down by Evelyn Foster, Jodi Foster’s mother who says "Jamak’s work reminds her of the pieces from the likes of Yves Saint laurent that she wore when she was younger" and commissioned Jamak to make several outfits for her. Jamak is also commissioned by her loyal society women who are looking for unique and highly creative and impeccably tailored attire.

Jamak’s experience gives her a unique perspective as a designer. Her approach to design and fit of the garments is informed by her thousands of clients who were outfitted by her. She has first hand knowledge of the challenges women face when they are looking to purchase business attire. From fit, fabrication, quality and value, Jamak has been able to translate her customers’ wish list into a collection of classic, tailored, high quality and sophisticated career wear. The result has been stellar sell rates for her stores and an ever growing roster of very satisfied customers

Jamak mentors young entrepreneurs and aspiring designers, stylists and image consultants and is involved with student clubs in Business Schools and is frequently invited to give lectures and participate in panel discussions.

JAMAK KHAZRA with Models
Dr. MArtine Rothblatt and Jamak Khazra

Dr. Martine Rothblatt and Jamak Khazra

Dr. Martine Rothblatt, CEO and Chairman United Therapeutics

With Client at West POrt Country Playhouse Gala

With Longtime Client

At West Port Country Playhouse Gala

Jamak Khazra with Jerome Chazen

Jerome Chazen and Jamak Khazra

Jerome Chazen, Founder and Chairman Emeritus, Liz Claiborne

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