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Pants for Hourglass Shaped Women and Women with Wide HipsBluesuits Best fitting pants for Hour Glass shaped women

What is an hourglass shape?
You have an hour glass shape if your hips and chest are about the same size and your waist 8" or 9" smaller. An hourglass shape is actually an ideal shape for women and there shouldn't be any challenges while looking for a great fitting pants.

We reommend:

Left: Bluesuits Wide leg pants for hourglass shapes P3371 if you are looking for business pants

- Straight leg pants.
- Clean front Zip Closure, Flat front wide leg- straight leg pants.
- Rise about 9"
- In seam about 35"
- Fits one inch below the belly button
- Contoured waist
- one Back welt Pocket
- Fully lined, perfect work or business pants or wear them as business casual pants. Perfect for travel.
- Made in New York City
- Tropical wool stretch
- Dry Clean

Top right: Bluesuits Matt Jersey Foldover pants - comfortable, versatile and chic. These matt jersey pants can be dressed down for every day runaround, or dressed up for an evening around town. Our best selling life style item, we are sold out of these pants but they can be made to order.
Right Middle: Bluesuits Zip Front Straight LegPants P3370
Bottom Right: Bluesuits Boot Leg Pants

What should women with wide hips and small waist or houglass shape wear?

1- The best styles for an hourglass shape or pear shape woman or women with wide hips are straight wide leg pants and boot leg pants as both balance the small waist wide hip look. It is really the bottom part of the pant that must be wide not necessarily the thigh area( unless you have thick thighs and need the wide leg), because the wide bottom of the pant visually works with the wide hip ( which also visually connects with the shoulder) to balance the curves for the most flattering silhouette.

2- You should also be looking for pants that are about one inch below the belly button or mid rise pants. The waist should be contoured for he best fit and the hips must be cut to fit the curve of your hips.

3- Avoid pants with side pockets and deep pocket bags. Side pocket pants with deep pocket bags make your hips look wider.

4- Invest in high quality fabrications such as Tropical wool stretch or Cotton Stretch or 100% wool or Linen/Viscose. While Stretch fabrics work best, non stretch fabrics can be fine as well.



Bluesuits Matt Jersey Pants
Bluesuits Matt Jersey Pants

Bluesuits Zip front Pants
Bluesuits Zip-Front Pants for pear shaped women

Bluesuits Boot Leg Pants
Bluesuits Tropical Wool Boot Leg Pants for women with wide hips and slim waist

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